Vice President: Join effort to conserve Lake Victoria Basin

IMG_1473-min-1-300x200Conference held in Mwanza Tanzania, Vice President Hon Samia Suluhu Hassan called upon all EAC partner state scientists to share both financial and human resources jointly in conserving the Lake basin so as to have big impact.

“I urge all partner states Scientists to work together as one in conserving this Lake that is of great importance both economically and socially” emphasized Hon Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan

Vice President added that scientific research is the only way to get best ways for conserving the lake against difference environmental challenges facing it including climate change.

On the other hand, Minister for foreign Affairs and East Africa Cooperation, Ambassador Dr. Augustine Mahiga said that to realize conservation of Lake Victoria Basin, EAC partner states need to have conducive political environment, science and research as well as clear understanding of environment conservation.

Early giving his remarks, Minister for Water and Irrigation Tanzania Chair Person of Sectoral Council of Ministers of Lake Victoria Basin Hon. Eng. Gerson Lwenge said that the two day conference will come up with deliberations that would contribute towards addressing environmental challenges facing Lake Victoria Basin.

Lake Victoria Basin Executive Secretary, Ally Matano said that the two conference aimed at bring together scientists who have work in the basin for many years so as to know challenges facing the lake and what scientific options are available.

The conference had five sub theme under sustainable watershed Management in the Lake Victoria Basin, Socio-Economic and Governance issues in relation to Natural Resource Management and Water Resource management, pollution control and Prevention: Changing the environment in Lake Victoria Basin.

Others were Fisheries Resource management and Aquaculture development opportunities and the future of sustainable development in Lake Victoria Basin within the context of climate change.

Main theme of the conference: Harnessing Science and Research for improved collaborative management of Trans-Boundary resources in Lake Victoria Basin. A total of 40 papers were presented and 23 resolutions have been realized and agreed by partner states.

The conference brought together more than 400 participants from EAC partner States and other Lake Victoria Stakeholders.